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> YEah. actually, the Mk. II's leg is actually just two pieces of
>plastic as the center "rod", but it's pretty good plastic, so it should be
>able to withstand the weight.. the joints at the knee are really the jewel
>of the lot though, such a cute design. =)
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        The knees were taken, it seems, from the old HCM kit -- which is, by the
way, very differently proportioned...I get the feeling that the HCM
proportions were taken from an "adult" male, while the new MG version is
from a teenager who still needs to fill out a bit. Admittedly, the MG has
more going for it in terms of accesories and the articulation, but the
HCM's shield really has a sturdy slide system and a very menacing
headphone-gun system. One question about the rifle, though. In the HCM,
the crossbar was actually an ammunition pack, while in the MG version it's
just a hand grip; what is the true version? the MG? I kinda liked the
idea of it being some sort of ammo clip better.
        Other differences: the breast grills on the HCM are positionable, giving
the idea of it as manuevering verniers, but on the MG, they definitely look
like radiator grills. I also liked the HCM's shoulder design more...where
part of the shoulder is linked to the inner shoulder array, so that the
side verniers on the shoulder armor swivel with the arms in an up and down
fashion. The cockpit entrance is also much better looking in the HCM. As
for the oversized headspikes, well, it isn't, actually; the HCM and the MG
headspikes are the same size, and I suspect the mold for the MG was taken
from the HCM headspikes. The backpack was definitely more massive in the
HCM. The Mg has longer and more fine-looking sabers, and the rifle looks
better for the MG. The bazooka has no counterpart, so there you go.
        In terms of feel, The HCM mark2 looks more GM-ish than the MG. This, I
think, makes the HCM more "true" to the design intent than the MG version.
        I really can't complain about the pros and cons, because they were
obviously designed at different times, so it's only normal that they be
different in terms of looks.

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