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Richie Ramos (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 11:37:09 +0800

>> Hello. I've just started on my MG Mk. II kit, and I'm still
>> wondering at my sanity.. =) This sucker's *BIG*! I only completed the right
>> leg, and I compared it against the old 1/144 Mk. II I had.. would you
>> believe that the hip joint was at the eye level of the old 1/144 Mk. II?
>> big is this when it's fully complete??? (I wonder about the size of the
>> Super Gundam, or an MG ZZ, if it comes out..=)
>How about this. A Master Grade 1/100 Psycho Gundam!

        I have the original ZZ 1/'s BIG, around the size of my 1/100 Nu.
It takes up a lot of s[pce, thanks to its spatula shoulder wings and the
big backpack. The old model looks really clunky unless one does a good
paint job and scribing for it. I can't wait for the ZZMG, if ever.
        BTW, I just got my Super Gundam reserved at my favorite store...IT IS
HUGE. I now really appreciate the work these guys put into designing the
rx178 to make it strong enough to hold this thing up...up to now, I don't
know where I'll put this thing.

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