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At 17:01 2/24/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Have you built any pre-F91 1/100 scale kits? The Mk-II is no bigger than
>most of them. The MG Zaku actually looks bigger than the Mk II.

        Pre-F91, no, but I built quite a few of the F91s, especially the
Heavy G which was about the biggest of the lot. Come to think of it, I still
have an unopened Heavy G around somewhere... anyway, the Mk. II is about 25%
larger than the Heavy G. And definitely looks better. =)

>All you need is a few bottles of Gunze Sangyo acrylic paint, some brushes,
>or maybe invest in an airbrush (it's well worth it).

        I want to invest in the airbrush, since I do other kits as well, but
the compressor is *really* expensive here, and I can't afford it as yet.

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