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Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > > That's been the case with just about every Gundam fan I know. Saw the
> > > models, built the models, began to wonder about the anime. A matter of
> > But does this apply to Japanese fans as well ? Gundam is possibly the only
> Not sure, because I don't know too many Japanese personally, but the few
> I did know _were_ more familiar with the models "Hey! That's a Zaku!" then
> they were with the anime "I think there was a movie or two".
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There are exceptions. My first exposure to Gundam was the Roman Album of the
third compilation movie back in 7th grade. One of my best friends was Japanese,
and loaned it too me. I fell in love with it immdiately thanks to the mecha
designs. When I started to collect Anime in my senior year in High School,
among the first six tapes I got were a two volume set of Gundam 0080...

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