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Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:14:58 PST

>I just came home to 50+ messages in my mailbox from the Gundam mailing
>list. Over 30 of those messages were about sanding and painting models.
>Isn't there a better place to discuss this, like rec.models.scale, or

I think Gundam is a unique case when it comes to whether we spend too
much of the ML discussing merchandise, particularly the models. I
*THINK* Gundam probably has the greatest percentage of fans that were
introduced to it through the models, as opposed to running across the
anime itself. Gundam models have made up the bulk of the Japanese
sections of model shops for the past 15+ years now, and it has been
much easier to encounter the models than to see the actual anime
that spawned it. Is it really that bizarre, then, that this list
tends to discuss models as much as story, on average? I agree with
the idea if the bulk of a post is going to contain info or comments
pertaining to models, it should be noted in the subject heading. But
Gundam has a reputation based on the sheer number of kit's Bandai has
produced, so I think it deserves a part on this ML.

 And the whole Robotech licensing thing (which I now
>regret participating in) has been beaten to death. If someone needs a
>dozen different versions of that story, one could check out
> or

If people have good, informative posts on other shows related to
Gundam, I see no bad. It gets people to try different things, and
eventually move on to other lists with their specific concerns.

 And since when did this become a
>mailing list dealing with careers? There's a whole Usenet tree
>to that.

Well, I think it's a way for all the people on this ML to show them-
selves and kinda rise above the faceless lurker status. If people
want to talk about specific careers, though, they should e-mail each
other personally.

>Bear with me as I take a deep breath.


>Separating the chaff from the wheat has become increasingly difficult
>around here. Is it too much to ask two things when people post to the
>1) Post material relevant to the topic (Gundam).

Agreed. But have fun too. After all, it's *entertainment*.

>2) If you want to respond to someone about something non-topic related,
>reply to their email privately instead of to the whole list.

Very agreed!

Mark Kai

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