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At 09:45 2/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
> You're lucky because the Mk.II's beam saber 'emitters' (NO idea why they
>molded it separately from the hilt!) are simple cubes of plastic. Go to a

        I have no idea too. I was cussing Bandai all the while I was on the
floor looking for it. =)

>RR-modelling store and by some square beam plastic and carve up your own,
>paint to match the other saber and you're done. Alternately, I may have
>some spare Mk.II sabers from an ancient 1/100 kit lying around.

        No rush, so I think I'll wait a while, see whether it pops back up..
is it my imagination, or is there a black hole existing in every modeller's
home, sucking up loose parts?

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