RE: [gundam] The next grade of MS?

Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:52:27 PST

>>It's a popularity contest at this point. They do all the 1YW stuff
>>and Zeta and then pop out 3 0083 kits. Who is to rule out Wing getting
>>a MG, with its rabid following?
>Pet peeve here, folks, but the word you want is "avid" not "rabid" ...
>them up sometime.

First of all, I did not mean the term "rabid" as a slam. I have nothing
against Wing; it's just kind of funny it has some fans that have
no interest and perhaps no knowledge of the UC Gundam doings. I just
see it as that...funny.
Second, when you can, reply to a person personally, not as "folks".
I understand when several posts have been mashed together, the names
have not been kept on all of them sometimes."Folks" kinda gives this
image that there are Mark Simmons, Probe, you, and 250 of us
faceless lurkers, though.

Mark Kai

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