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>> Hello. I've just started on my MG Mk. II kit, and I'm still
>>wondering at my sanity.. =) This sucker's *BIG*! I only completed the right
>I wasn't too impressed with the size of the Mk II. Was this your first MG
        Yeah, my very first. =) but the main reason was that I had an old
Mk. II to compare against.. darn suprising, the difference in size.

>> Anyway, a few questions for those who already done the kit. Does
>>anyone has problems with the "tubing" that they provided for the leg
>>internals? mine sort of frayed, and I had to glue it into place.
>It helps if you cut it by 1 or 2mm longer than the length suggested by the
>manual, but after all is said and done gluing it works best.
        I find the suggested 10mm/ 17mm always a wee bit short, but it's

>Do you paint over the parts after sandpapering them? That is the only way
>I know to get rid of the runner marks (painting over). If you can still
>see them after painting, then you need to work on your sanding. Try a 2 or
>3-tiered sanding, starting with a rougher grain and work your way down to
>ultrafine grain grade sandpaper.
        No problem with the sanding, the darn thing is _flat_. just that I
don't have the right equipment to paint properly, nor the experience working
on such big models..

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