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>> Hello. I've just started on my MG Mk. II kit, and I'm still
>> wondering at my sanity.. =) This sucker's *BIG*! I only completed the right
>> leg, and I compared it against the old 1/144 Mk. II I had.. would you
>> believe that the hip joint was at the eye level of the old 1/144 Mk. II? how
>> big is this when it's fully complete??? (I wonder about the size of the
>> Super Gundam, or an MG ZZ, if it comes out..=)
>How about this. A Master Grade 1/100 Psycho Gundam!

        I have no idea.. or was that the ..ahem.. "Gundam" in Z? the one
that can level whole cities? that will be big..

        one of my Mk. II's beam saber tips just popped off the sprunce as I
was cutting it and is currently AWOL. Other than wait for it to turn up,
what other things can I do to remedy the problem?

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