Re: [gundam] MG GM

Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:13:29 PST

>> To my knowledge it does. Just remember to spray only when its above
>> 70 degrees and when it is not too humid.
> Yeah, I made that mistake once... here in Tucson. TUCSON, can you
>believe it? The temperature must have been down in the 50s late one
>December night and I decided to sneak out and try and paint my
> -Probe
Actually I have gotten away with painting when it has been a little
chilly. Well, here in Wisconsin, that's the norm. When push comes to
shove though, a spray paint job will always look better than one
done with a brush, so I like to bend the rules if it still means a
better paint job.

Mark Kai

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