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On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Edward Ju wrote:
> I'd have to agree on this one. Amuro's a spoiled brat who, in the
> beginning of the war, was treated as such and given no respect. Only
> through his piloting talents and New Type powers did he start to earn
> the respect from the WB crew. Char, OTOH, had to stomach the secret that
> he was on a quest of revenge, but was able to assume any charm necessary to
> get what he wanted from people.

> >> Amuro grew up. Char didn't. That's the point of the first Gundam. The
> >This, I really beg to differ.

Actually, let me reverse myself slightly. I can accept that statement,
only in the most technical sense. Amuro did grew up, not as much as
others around him would want, but he did mostly fullfilled his duty. Char
did not grow up, but since he had set a goal for himself, and then went on
to achieve it, who has any rights to tell him to grow up? And to grow up
into what? A even more ruthless bloodthirsty conspirator?

> practical matter is another debate, given that the earth was inhibited mostly
> by the corrupt fed bureacrats and Amuro's death probably meant little to
> them, except for the characters we know, such as Mirai, etc.

With his immense power, he sought only survival of his own self and those
few who he cares for. He had very little ideology and in fact doesn't
particular wanted the war to end one way or the other just as long as it
does end. Mostly he wants to be left alone.

> Following this
> line of argument, you will see maybe Char did have a point and was not a
> maniac bent on kicking Amuro's ass on the battlefield.

In our world, Char would be hailed as a hero, ruthless, determined,
patient, focused and doesn't let wishy washy bleeding heart morals get in
his way. He understood his own limitation, but also didn't hesitate to use
all of his Newtype faculty to his advantages. He's great at playing the
system, but also took pleasure at stabbing the final blow at the system.

Amuro did the opposite, he rebelled when he had nothing as asset, and when
later he gained a foothold in life, he did it by selling out to a system
that treated him as yet another expendable MS pilots.

Time-wasting-speculative-question-of-the-day: did Bright/White Base and
Amuro/Gundam make a substantial difference in the Battle of A Bao A Qu?
It could be the action of one man (Char) outweighted those of all the good
guys in White Base?

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