Re: [gundam] PG Gundam

gerald koo (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 15:12:49 +0800

>> well in case u dun know ... the jet pack is painted with the brush...
>> to get that rough feeling
>> but it is advisable to use air brush to paint the body ...... this way it
>> will get a even feel..and also save a lot of paint then if u use hand
>> method. i am currrently using tamiya flat white with a abt 1 part thinner
>> and 3 part paint .
>> and as for the feet i u use the brush to get the feel of the rough
>> i think it will look authentic ...
>Another trick that works for that kind of weathering, Gerald, is to take an
>brush, dip it into the paint, then use a rag and wipe almost all of the
>off, then brush it along the areas you want to look worn out. This
>is very simple and has a very realisticfeel to it.
yup... tried that too... looks cool... i also experimented using pencil...
yeah juz scribble on the surface with pencil marking...then using your
finger and rub it ... u will get a smudge ..that resemble the worn exhaust
pipe feel...

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