Re: [gundam] PG Gundam

gerald koo (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 13:51:28 +0800

>You spent SGD$198 for the PG Gundam!!! Man, I think you got ripped
>off... I saw a shop selling it for around SGD$160....
>BTW it looks good!! I like your dual spraying method to get the worn
>look, do you think I can do this with hand brushing?? I don't have and
>don't know hoe to use air brushes....

well in case u dun know ... the jet pack is painted with the brush... trying
to get that rough feeling
but it is advisable to use air brush to paint the body ...... this way it
will get a even feel..and also save a lot of paint then if u use hand brush
method. i am currrently using tamiya flat white with a abt 1 part thinner
and 3 part paint .
and as for the feet i u use the brush to get the feel of the rough
i think it will look authentic ...

>The other MSes in the gallery looks good too. I like the GP-01Fb =)
thanks man .. the diorama for the GP-01FB is done using plaster of paris
over a black plastic platform..
to get the effect of crater u have to place cup on the plaster of paris ...
then lift it up b4 it is fully dried ..
then using scrupting tool to get the moon crater look.... and later use the
airbrush the ground to get the moon scape look...
as for the plastic rod that support the GP-01FB i got it free from seattle
coffee company ...its actually a coffee stirrer... hhaaa.. tok abt recycling

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