[gundam] MG Mk. II

Lim Jyue (lim_jyue@pacific.net.sg)
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 12:53:45 +0800

        Hello. I've just started on my MG Mk. II kit, and I'm still
wondering at my sanity.. =) This sucker's *BIG*! I only completed the right
leg, and I compared it against the old 1/144 Mk. II I had.. would you
believe that the hip joint was at the eye level of the old 1/144 Mk. II? how
big is this when it's fully complete??? (I wonder about the size of the
Super Gundam, or an MG ZZ, if it comes out..=)

        Anyway, a few questions for those who already done the kit. Does
anyone has problems with the "tubing" that they provided for the leg
internals? mine sort of frayed, and I had to glue it into place. Also, how
do I go about completely removing the runner marks on the parts? I tried
sandpapering it, but I'm having some problems removing all the markings.

        Another thing. The knee armour of the leg seems to be a bit too easy
to pop loose, does anyone has a solution?

        On a less-related note, isn't the ankle actuator of the Mk. II a bit
exposed? Was it ever a problem in the series?

Lim Jyue
ICQ: 24737555

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