Re: [gundam] Gundam Acronyms?
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>>RX (Federation [Renpou] Experiment),
>Rapport's editorial staffs claim that the number RX-78 was invented
>by them and first appeared in their magazine ANIMEC. And while they
>are aware of the 'R for Renpou' theory, they didn't stop suggesting
>that the R is for 'Robot', for its developer Tem Ray was somewhat
>mad-scientist type guy. ;-)

For that matter, why not "Ray Experiment"...? (-_-)

On the other hand, maybe we've all gone off in the wrong direction entirely
on this. Maybe the RX-78 NT-1 "Alex" is more correct than we've assumed
and the correct terminology has been "Labor Experiment" (LX) all this time!

To support this argument, I'll cite the acronyms given for Gundam Wing:

Manipulativ [sic]
Build and


Now that's what I call a "labored argument"....

>>Axis nomenclature: AMA (Axis MA) and AGX (Axis Gundam Experiment).
>AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra was developed by Anaheim Electronics and later
>secretly presented to Cima Fleet, which didn't have any kind of direct
>connection with Axis. AGX = Anaheim Gundam Experiment, from the notion
>that it was originally one of the prototypes for the Gundam Development

I'll buy that.

>>ORX (Augusta [Oh-gu-su-ta] RX),
>Model Graphix suggested that Gaplant was built in the Federation facility
>located in Oakland (whether Augusta Lab. was located in there or not is
>unclear). Maybe 'O for Oakland' or something...? <wink>

There's an "Augusta" in Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,
Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey,
New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, West Virginia & Wisconsin, but not in
California. If the Augusta Lab is near Oakland, it's named for something
other than the city in which it resides.

There's also an "Augusta" in Australia, Brazil, Italy & Mozambique, plus an
Augusta River in Bulgaria (where it's also spelled "Ogosta")....


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