Re: [gundam] Gundam Acronyms?
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 12:32:51 +0900 (KST)

Probe wrote:

>> that the R is for 'Robot', for its developer Tem Ray was somewhat
>> mad-scientist type guy. ;-)
> Heh! But Dr. Rei didn't _really_ become the wacked-out scientist that we
>all know and love until _after_ he had already built the gundam and had it
>stolen, right?

Right. So I assumed that the Rapport guys are referring to his cold and
indifferent attitude against Amuro in episode #1 ("Does that MS matter
more to you than the human life, dad?!") rather than his later conditions.

>> For your information, Gundam's original code number mentioned in the
>> first TV series was... 'Ganda-X78'. Oh well.
> I remember hearing something along the lines of "No model numbers were
>ever shown in the anime, they were all developed later for the
>model-kits!" Hence, the problem with the original MS-11 Gelgoog, etc.

Right, but in fact they were NOT purely developed for the kits merchandising
only, for the trend of *numbering game* was originally started by some loyal
fans of TV series and anime magazines that were aware of Gundam's strange
popularity among the military model builders. Bandai just applied their
scheme and used them to make more believable packages and to make more
money, too. :-)

And about Rapport's mysterious Ganda-X78...

Maybe it was just another *codename* for Gundam, not *model number* like
RX-78 or whatever. If I remember correctly, that wacky codename was
mentioned by Bright just once in the first episode of the TV series, and
never returned again.

>> connection with Axis. AGX = Anaheim Gundam Experiment, from the notion
>> that it was originally one of the prototypes for the Gundam Development
> Yup, but it hardly matters with customized personalized prototype
>robots. After all, you can call it anything as long as it's not fitting
>into any particular military's nomenclature.

Yeah, but my point was, that prefix has NOTHING to do with the Axis, at

>> Perfect Gundam wasn't a part of official Gundam continuity, because it
>> was just another kind of one-off enhanced version of the original RX-78,
>> featured in manga 'Puramo Kyoshiro' only. So was the prefix 'PF'.
> Even _in_ the manga it was supposed to be a computer-simulated mecha if
>I remember it right, so it doesn't even really _exist_ even in the manga
>continuity itself!

Oh yes it does, as a form of scratch-build model kit. ;->

>> In GW, we get to have the new prefix WMS (Mag'anacs) also.
> I think that stands for "Weinner Mobile Suit" or something like that,

I don't know. Not very much is known about the alternate universe code
schemes you know. And according to EPISODE ZERO and TV episodes, Mag'anacs
are originally soldiers working for the small country located in Mid East,
and they are just Quattre's friends (more like private bodyguards though :),
not the official employee of his or Wienner Family's.

Mark S. wrote:

>>Believe it or not, the "R" indicates a Federation MS. In this case, it
>>stands for "Renpou", the Japanese word for "Federal state" or "union".
> It _may_, but I've never seen this claim made in any Japanese text. If
>so, what does the first "F" in "FF" stand for?

An essay on code number scheme issued in Gundam Sentinel mook explains
that "R" means "Federation", but it doesn't say that "R" stands for
"Renpou" exactly. Oh well. So FF = Federal Fighter, maybe?

(Remember, each prefix has its own creator and its own background, so
it is very difficult to find ONE constant system applied for ALL the
different prefixes. :)

-Sunwook Kim

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