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>> well i have and still constructing this PG Gundam and it is one mean task
>> and it is worth the time and
>> effort trust me. although i am staying in singapore the cost is at $198
. i
>> think the shop is riping me off abt 10 bucks off the market price. i
>> bought the light up beam saber. but wonder where i can get the battery
>> it ?
>> Anyway u can view my construction progress at this page
>> Give me your comments or any tips u can give.
>> to think that
>I can't get my PG Gundam's forehead V Fin and the V Fin's red piece to stay
>on. Do you or anyone else know how to make it stay on without glue? I don't
>want to use glue, because then I won't be able to replace the battery in

one suggestion try using blue tac. should work...else u will need to do some
try that one first ..if it does not work i will tell u wat modification u
will need to do

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