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Chad Gombosi (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 17:01:12 PST

Well, that depends on what kind of model. Mecha are FAR simpler than

The first thing you need is talent. You have to be able to sculpt the
thing out of nothing. If you are doing a figure, the best thing to do is
buy a whole ton of realy expensive resins like Magic Sculp ect, and try
them all out and get a bunch of the stuff you need. You just sculpt it
realy. Old fashion skill.

When it comes to mecha, it get's better. Because of the invention of
polycaps, mecha modling is kind of easy. You can make individual pieces
out of anything yo9u can find, and recast them in resin for the final
product if you want. This will allow you to make more of the things to
sell, or modify (Zakus and Evas are almost all the same so sculpting
them all from scratch would be stupid). Polycaps, hands and thrusters
are all things that can be bought seperatrly, making the job easier.
Mecha modling is easier because if you look at something like a forearem
ofa JamesGun...who can't sculpt that? You do haveto do things
semetcricly though. You will need two arms, two legs, two wings ect,
alll the same.

My advice isto start by doing heavy conversionson allready exsiting
models. 1/144s are great for thing. They cost almost nothing, and have
few moving parts so you can change them around a lot, and not worry
about disturbing the operation of the various mechanisms that are in a

For example:

The 1/144 Altron Gundam has realy pitiful flame dragon things on it's
arms. Shave them off, and make new ones out of something else. Take some
railroad ties form the train section of a hobby store, or some
cleareence war gaming terain stuff, and make the body of it. Then make
theflame thrower barrels out of copper, or styrene tubing.

This is a good one because you have to make FOUR of the things, and it
will build up you skills for mass produiction of small parts.

Well, I hopethins helps.

Chad Gombosi
Member SCP

>Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 17:32:18 -0500
>From: Mute <>
>Subject: [gundam] Scratch Building
>Exactly how does one scratch build models?

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