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><< Anyone built PG Gundam?
> What's average price on them in U.S.?
> >>
>I'd say almost everyone here has taken a stab at this colossal task. (Well
>maybe not everyone, but a lot of people) I built mine which ran about $140
>with S&H from HLJ. It is the ultimate Gundam modelling experience, which
>leave you totally drained and shellshocked, but pays off in the
>bliss when you are finally holding the completed model. Actually the PG
>is next, and I am sure to get that one next, so who knows, it might even be
>more intense. Overall, I'd say if you can afford it, GET IT!!!

well i have and still constructing this PG Gundam and it is one mean task .
and it is worth the time and
effort trust me. although i am staying in singapore the cost is at $198 . i
think the shop is riping me off abt 10 bucks off the market price. i even
bought the light up beam saber. but wonder where i can get the battery for
it ?
Anyway u can view my construction progress at this page
Give me your comments or any tips u can give.
to think that

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