Re: [gundam] 1/144 V Gundam kits: Whats this skeleton internal frame about?

Roger Harkavy (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 09:20:44 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999 wrote:
> Could someone please explain this internal skeleton frame in detail? Also, is
> this frame only in the 1/144 scale V Gundam kits? I have heard people talk
> about this internal frame system before on the ML and it sounds great, but can
> someone review a V Gundam 1/144 kit for me? I am going to be able to purchase
> most of the 1/144 scale V Gundam kits soon and is there any of these kits that
> I should steer clear from?

Others already tackled this, but here are the "bare bones" details in
their simplest form. All of these are made from rubbery "polycap"

- Chest section, with ball joints to clip arms and head on
- Hip section, with ball joints to clip thighs and hip armor on
- 2 thighs that slide into thigh armor segments and clip onto knees

That's it. This system makes it very easy to make customized suits by
just popping and swapping bodies and limbs. Some of the Zanscare kits do
away with the hip section, like the Rigshokew and the Shaitan.

Since I'm one of those ultra-lazy people who judges the completed model
without paint and glue against the picture on the front of the box, here
are the ones I've built that I recommend:

V2-Gundam (and the Buster, although it lacks a clear parts tree and stand)
Shaitan (my fave, Dunbine's older brother)

The ones I don't recommend:

Rigshokew (lousy proportions)
Gun Blaster (molded in one color that's not as "military" as the EZ)

The 1/100 Gun Blaster and Zollidia kits are beautiful, too, IMHO.

Roger Harkavy

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