Re: [gundam] 1/144 V Gundam kits: Whats this skeleton internal frame about?

Richie Ramos (
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 21:38:42 +0800

>Could someone please explain this internal skeleton frame in detail? Also, is
>this frame only in the 1/144 scale V Gundam kits? I have heard people talk
>about this internal frame system before on the ML and it sounds great, but
>someone review a V Gundam 1/144 kit for me? I am going to be able to purchase
>most of the 1/144 scale V Gundam kits soon and is there any of these kits
>I should steer clear from?

        The V-frames are a poor cousin to the frames used in the 1/144 HG rx78 and
rx178. The original HG frames were basically ball joints that were
connected to each other by a tube frame -- kinda like a stick figure inside
a gundam...very nice, since the ball joints in this frame are still among
the best I've drop-outs, practically. The V-frame also has a
"cockpit", which is nice but weird. The v-frame also is very
selective...the internal frame is only for the body, hips, thighs, and
everything else is from the actual one big complaint about the
whole system is the elbow simply will get loose, and you'll have
falling arms all over the place.
        The kit from V to avoid is the ABIGOR. the durn thing looks horrible in
natural plastic color, has a cheesy transformation, and looks like a VERY
        I have to admit to the fact, however, that while the V's are small, they
have very nice proportions...

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