[gundam] [Contest] Great Gundam Mecha Makeover Contest Update

Ben Koshy (ben@w3media.net)
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 02:56:08 -0800

Contest Update:
Things are going strong with the Great Gundam Mecha MakeOver Contest, we've
added a couple new prizes and have decided to extend the deadline slightly
to accommodate those who are feverishly working night and day on their

The new contest deadline is March 15, 1999!

There are going to be multiple winners so don't hold back your entries!
We've received to date entries ranging from the comical sketches to full 3D
Rendered Animations! Wow! You guys are all nuts! :) Even if you are not
an artist extraordinaire, don't be afraid to enter, artwork is only one
aspect of the contest criteria. The title is Re-Design, RetCon, Mecha
MakeOver...you get the picture.

Some of the entries have come with "special stories" attached regarding
their development while it doesn't have an effect on how we judge your
entry, it does add to the richness of the application and should provide
extra enjoyment for the viewers when we post all the entries on the website!

The Prizes:
Kondo's Crossover NoteBook I
Mediawork's Gundam Models Perfect Catalog 1.0 Book
Hobby Japan's Gundam Mechanics Vol I Book
Hobby Japan's Gundam Mechanics Vol II Book
Newtype 100% Collection Z Gundam Mechanical Edition Vol.1 Book
Bandai 1/144 High-Grade Gundam ZZ Model Kit
Bandai 1/100 Master Grade MR-06R-1 Zaku II (the Shin Matsunaga version)

The Sides (a.k.a. The Judges)
Prabal "Probe" Nandy for Axis
Dafydd "Z" Dyar for A.E.U.G.
Mark "God-Gundam" Simmons for Duchy of Zeon
Ben "Mark-Simmons-WannaBe" Koshy for Neo-Zeon

Looking forward to all the entries. All entries must be submitted by
midnight Pacific Standard Time on March 15, 1999 to contest@gundam.com

Zieg Zakurello!


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