Re: [gundam] Gundam Acronyms?
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 16:48:31 +0900 (KST)

>RX (Federation [Renpou] Experiment),

Rapport's editorial staffs claim that the number RX-78 was invented
by them and first appeared in their magazine ANIMEC. And while they
are aware of the 'R for Renpou' theory, they didn't stop suggesting
that the R is for 'Robot', for its developer Tem Ray was somewhat
mad-scientist type guy. ;-)

For your information, Gundam's original code number mentioned in the
first TV series was... 'Ganda-X78'. Oh well.

>RGM (Federation Gundam Mass-production).

I don't know about its officiality but it is very much appropriate.

>Axis nomenclature: AMA (Axis MA) and AGX (Axis Gundam Experiment).

AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra was developed by Anaheim Electronics and later
secretly presented to Cima Fleet, which didn't have any kind of direct
connection with Axis. AGX = Anaheim Gundam Experiment, from the notion
that it was originally one of the prototypes for the Gundam Development

>PF (Perfect),

Perfect Gundam wasn't a part of official Gundam continuity, because it
was just another kind of one-off enhanced version of the original RX-78,
featured in manga 'Puramo Kyoshiro' only. So was the prefix 'PF'.

>ORX (Augusta [Oh-gu-su-ta] RX),

Model Graphix suggested that Gaplant was built in the Federation facility
located in Oakland (whether Augusta Lab. was located in there or not is
unclear). Maybe 'O for Oakland' or something...? <wink>

>RGZ (Federation Gundam Zeta or Refined GZ -- opinions differ).

At least the books I have encountered so far give it as Refined Gundam
Zeta. I can't find any reason why the letter R should mean always the
same thing.

>Anaheim counters with SF (Silhouette Formula) and RXF (RX Formula) lines.

None of the SF lines was registered by the 'SF' prefix though.


In GW, we get to have the new prefix WMS (Mag'anacs) also.

>But the Federation, to my knowledge never uses the MS prefix except for
>adopted orcaptured Zeon designs....

Maybe he meant the very 'MS' part inserted in 'RMS'... just different
viewpoint, eh?

-Sunwook Kim

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