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>This is a shame, in a way, since one of the joys of BattleTech was that
>marchandizing allowed you to glom onto otherwise unavailable Macross,
>Dougram and Crusher Joe stuff being hawked as game-play pieces. Anyone
>here remember PlasTech, FASA's short-lived attempt to replace the
>traditional pewter pieces with molded plastic ones?

Yup, I remember PlasTech. I bought a box of them off the net a few years
for a few bucks. The detailing on them is pretty nice, but they are a
pain to
put together. I haven't found a glue yet that will hold them together.
The worst
one of the lot is the Maruader (Zentraedi Officer's Pod). This thing
comes as
two sections. The only problem is, they don't fit together. My favorite
thing to
do when I am holding a Battletech night is pull out my 1/550 Nu-Gundam
came with the Alpha Azeiru. The sound of dismay I hear crack me all up.
people can't seem to handle a mini that is armed with a shield and a big
and is painted all white with black and yellow detailing.

Something else that makes excellent minis are MicroMachines. I love
out my AT-AT and AT-ST just to confuse folks.

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