RE: [gundam] 1/144 V Gundam kits: Whats this skeleton internal frame about?

Y. Choe (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 22:29:08 -0800

> Could someone please explain this internal skeleton frame in
> detail? Also, is
> this frame only in the 1/144 scale V Gundam kits? I have heard people talk
> about this internal frame system before on the ML and it sounds
> great, but can
> someone review a V Gundam 1/144 kit for me? I am going to be able
> to purchase
> most of the 1/144 scale V Gundam kits soon and is there any of
> these kits that
> I should steer clear from?

This internal skeleton is a poor imitation of the MS Joints-2 systems found
only (?) on the HG RX-78 and HG RX-178 kits. The MS Joints-2 System
featured the posability of polycap joints while being more durable and very
tight fitting. It also made construction of model kits much easier, as all
you needed to do was just put the armor on the skeleton... And kitbashing
was a cinch to do...

The internal skeleton on the HQ kits (1/144 V Gundam line) uses the polycaps
to a similar fashion, but also suffers from the same weakness that polycaps
suffer (ie sometimes poor fitting, joints give out after awhile, etc.) .
However, it made construction, and kitbashing, to another level. The
end-result of this experiment is the 1/144 line of G, W, X, and 08th MS
Team, where kit-bashing is still a relatively easy affair, thanks to the
common joints.

I, on the other hand, still laments the short lifespan of the MS-Joints-2

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