Re: [gundam] What next? (Was Re: Even more Tomino interview)

Edward Ju (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 21:45:41 -0800

>On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, -Z- wrote:
>> effectively fatherless and motherless, go different ways: Amuro learns to
>> connect with those around him but Char doesn't -- and comes to blames Amuro
>> for his inability to do so.
>Oooh... I am not too sure about this one. It seems to me Amuro is
>outwardly antisocial, but inwardly longs for approval from other
>people, even enemy like Ranba Ral. Later in the war, he learn to be
>comfortable with himself and the White Base family but not much more.
>Char is more enigmatic (duh!), he's outwardly a dashing charismatic hero,
>but inwardly he rejected family, nation and even commrades (note: he
>didn't fail to connect, he rejected). Yes he truly loved Lalah Sun, but
>that's a whole new topic.

I'd have to agree on this one. Amuro's a spoiled brat who, in the
beginning of the war, was treated as such and given no respect. Only
through his piloting talents and New Type powers did he start to earn
the respect from the WB crew. Char, OTOH, had to stomach the secret that
he was on a quest of revenge, but was able to assume any charm necessary to
get what he wanted from people.

>> Amuro grew up. Char didn't. That's the point of the first Gundam. The
>This, I really beg to differ.

Amuro only grew up in the sense that he became more altrustic and was able
to sacrifice his life so that others may live, although whether that was a
practical matter is another debate, given that the earth was inhibited mostly
by the corrupt fed bureacrats and Amuro's death probably meant little to
them, except for the characters we know, such as Mirai, etc. Following this
line of argument, you will see maybe Char did have a point and was not a
maniac bent on kicking Amuro's ass on the battlefield.


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