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<< I know all this. But I have a right to my own opinion's. I currently don't
 like the new Gundam, but my opinion is not set in stone about it. I am NOT
 judging the show, because I haven't seen it because the shows not even on TV
 in Japan, much less released in America. This new Gundams body is bearable, I
 may even like it. I am not putting down something because I don't like it.
 Dislike and putting down are different, Not the same. I am totally finished
 about this Turn A Gundam show and Mecha, until I personally see the show and
 build the model kit of the new Gundam and friends.

I'm not taking away your opinion, nor am I saying that it is worthless. I'm
just saying that a comment with no real facts to back it is only worth the
breath its spoken with. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, but
destructive criticism does no one any good. Of course, in our current state of
media, any opinion, whether fact based or not, can hurt. I would just like
people to think about whether or not their comment is warranted before they
post. There is a lot of crap being posted on every List out there, but
commenting on it is up to us as individuals. Some thought before posting is
always a good thing. And yes, I did think about what I decided to write in
this post. I just think that being an adult means that one should also act
like a mature adult. Freedom of speech is a right, and should be respected,
even by those that feel they disagree with what that freedom brought.


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