Re: [gundam] Gundam Acronyms?

Mark Simmons (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 16:25:08 -0800

Dafydd writes,

>You'll get all kinds of argument about that. Several sources of varying
>degrees of officialdom, such as the English translation of the Gundam 0083
>film comics, say it's "Gundam Mass-production". Others, mostly fannish,
>follow your reasoning and say "General Mobile-suit".

  By analogy with the prefixes "RGC" and "RGZ", which are clearly derived
from "Guncannon" and "Gundam Z," I've always figured that "GM" is just a
contraction of "Gundam." The GM Cannon is just as much a mass-production
unit as the GM, but they didn't give it an "RGM" prefix.

>Believe it or not, the "R" indicates a Federation MS. In this case, it
>stands for "Renpou", the Japanese word for "Federal state" or "union".

  It _may_, but I've never seen this claim made in any Japanese text. If
so, what does the first "F" in "FF" stand for?

-- Mark

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