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On Sat, 20 Feb 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> It's [0079] an almost classic Tragedy thinly veiled as a giant-robot
> smashup.

That's the way I like 'em!

> So what is a Gundam sequel? Well, the story is DONE with the the
> original series! If you continue it, all you do is take the 'plot threads'

I completely disagree! As I said in previous post, I think the potential
to develop all the major characters is tremendous. You can do a second
story arc with matured Bright, Mirai, Salya, Hayato, Kei, Char and Amuro,
while grooming Kikka, Katsu and Retsu (and/or others of the same
generation: powerful Newtypes growing up as wartime orphans) as the focus
for the third story arc. Yes more classic tragedies, or rather

> many innocents. Isn't this the private tragedy of so many people in RL who
> go on to live bitter, sensless, manipulative lives dreaming of a day when

Wow! I like your writting. Didn't expect the "liberal" side from you
Probe! :) (ok "liberal" is not the right word, but hey...)

> To continue gundam endlessly is like to have a play in a room after the
> main actors have left the stage, just so you can re-use the sets over and

No no no, you can push the story onward with so many interesting
directions. E.g. if Tomino wants to destroy industrial society, you can
convincingly do that by the third story arc. Now that sould be called a
super-arc, no? :)

> > human evolution and newtypes just turned into an excuse for psychic
> > superpowers, and none of the conflicts of the original story were ever
> The whole point of the Newtype (as I see it) was
> completely perverted into some kind of de-facto anime superheroishness

I agree with you, Mark and Probe. What a wasted oppotunity.

> > Then again, after Evangelion, I dunno what you could do with the
> > newtype concept that would still be particularly surprising. You could
> That is what I've been saying... I mean, Tomino set out to break the

Evangelion aims at a very metaphysical target: "God vs. Man". I don't
think Tomino is very interested in that. If as the interview said, he's
interested in the natural development and termination of industrial social
structure, then the Newtypes can easily be the catalyst of the downfall.
It would be interesting to see if Tomino has an answer for what the
post-industrial world would look like, after people have "regain that will
to live (Genki)".

Tomino/Gundam could steal the thunder back from Anno/Evagelion if he
convince the fans that the "end to the world as we know it" is not just
possible, but the most probable most natural outcome of our Ayn Randish
society. I guess that's Heinlein mixed in with a lot of John Ralston

> Anime itself seems to have stereotyped itself into a corner
> ...
> There is ALOT to rebel against, and Tomino is about the only guy who
> could do it and get away with it. But I don't think he'll try... here's to
> hoping though.

My fingers are crossed, but my breaths isn't holding.

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