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22 Feb 1999 23:36:09 -0000

> Yep. networking jobs abound, but it seems around here, to make any money in
> that,
> you need to build up credentials. I mean, I could always go to CSC and get a
> 34k per year programming job, but it seems wrong when other places will hire
> upwards
> of mid 40s right out of college.
> I'm trying to relocate to California actually (hey, better paying jobs and
> but I find it's not that easy when you don't live there. Had once close
> call, they said
> 'we'll call you at the end of the week with an offer'...that was three weeks
> ago
> and they won't return my calls...hehehe....
> I'm figuring if I don't get a job within the next month I'm gonna try for an
> That'll usually get you in the door for good networking jobs.

Try Texas, living in california is way too high.
In Texas, the salary is about the same, but the living cost is pretty low.
just my 2 cents on the computer job market


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