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> effectively fatherless and motherless, go different ways: Amuro learns to
> connect with those around him but Char doesn't -- and comes to blames Amuro
> for his inability to do so.

Oooh... I am not too sure about this one. It seems to me Amuro is
outwardly antisocial, but inwardly longs for approval from other
people, even enemy like Ranba Ral. Later in the war, he learn to be
comfortable with himself and the White Base family but not much more.
Char is more enigmatic (duh!), he's outwardly a dashing charismatic hero,
but inwardly he rejected family, nation and even commrades (note: he
didn't fail to connect, he rejected). Yes he truly loved Lalah Sun, but
that's a whole new topic.

Granted, I haven't see CCA in full, so my view is developed from 0079

> I think the key concept here is "family" -- a very important concept in
> ... "foxhole buddies" share a bond even stronger than that of

I mostly agree with you.

> Amuro grew up. Char didn't. That's the point of the first Gundam. The

This, I really beg to differ.

> sequels are thus inherently flawed because they require Amuro to regress to
> somewhat less than he was at the end of the first Gundam simply to make the

That's very sad. I thought there's a lot of room to develop: Bright and
Mirai should rise fast and high thru the ranks, given time both should
top out at mid-low level strategic staff; Salya, Hayato and Kei
should each get a Gundam; esp. Salya and Hayato should also move into
fairly respectable ranks. Amuro should get a ton load of medals and
shoved off to a far out-of-sight corner, only to be brought back out once
in a while for some suicide special op. Char would pull another come-back
and became a champion for spacenoid and/or newtypes. THEN Tomino could
really push the theme forward while keeping the same characters, rather
than recycling the same theme with new characters.

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