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Mon, 22 Feb 1999 19:08:26 +0900 (KST)

 Maybe it was already covered here, anyway here I go...

*B Media Books Special : Kidosenshi Gandamu Gahou
 [literally "Mobile Suit Gundam Graphics"]

 And its romanized title says...

 The Gundam Chronicles
 The History of Mobile Suit Gundam Animations, 1979-1999

 Released 1999.1.30
 Price 2400 yen+tax
 A5 size, 239 pages (216 color)
 Published by Take Shobo

 Yeah gang. It contains everything you want to know about Gundam series
 released so far (not so in depth though). From Gundam TOS (1979) to now-
 printing 08th MS Team (up to episode 10), and plus some juicy sneak preview
 of G-SAVIOUR. It covers the latest news (Jan 1999) about Gundam Bigbang
 Project ceremony held last year, short chronology of Universal Century,
 introduction / brief synopsys / MS data / characters for each animated
 series, short-but-sneaky visual columns of several misc. themes, the
 history of Gunpra and Gundam games, complete data lists (staff / cast /
 episode-for-episode sub-title list), and very useful Gundam glossary.
 It seems to be very neat, handy, and well-packed complete bible for all
 Gundam fans, although it doesn't give out too much details for specified
 series, it covers everything basic and general. It's another home run
 of those skillful writer guild, STUDIO HARD, woo hoo.

 And yeah, they use the spelling PRINCIPALITY OF ZEON in this book as you
 said, although its glossary section gives out that mysterious old-fashioned
 acronym 'ANTI EARTH UNION GROUP' again... weird counterattack, huh?

 If you want something broader, I recommend their already-released
 'all-in-one' book, SUPER ROBOT GAHOU [Super Robot Chronicles]... :-)
 Not just robots, they were releasing the books in similar format that
 deals with TOHO's sci-fi flicks (especially Godzilla!) and DAIEI's
 fantasy films (especially Gamera!). What would be their next subject?
 ANIME HEROINES! (according to the 'coming soon' notice written in the
 book above...) They already did LIVE ACTION (Tokusatsu) HEROINES, so
 it is not much surprising, though I hope they do something similar on
 TSUBURAYA films (especially Ultraman! ;-> )...

 Anyway, there you go. And before I leave...

 Speaking of the books, I have two questions:

 1) Recently hooked by Gundam X, so is there some good reference books
 about this series? Its popularity is drastically low and not very info
 available here.

 2) Gave some special order for Dengeki EB 3 : G-Gundam Encyclopedia
 published by Media Works sometime around 1995. But in vain, it was long
 out of print and they have NO MORE leftover in their stocks. I might aim
 for second-handed one someday. If you have this book, please tell me
 what does it contains. I already know of the basic format for I have two
 of Dengeki EBs of VG. Exactly what I want to know is, is there anything
 unique of interesting in its document sections, like MS DEVELOPMENT
 HISTORY or GUNDAM OFFICIAL REPORT? Some brilliant excuses for the goofy
 Future Century technology, or just another compilation of what was
 already told in other books?

 Thanks in advance.

-Sunwook 'desparately seeking Tiffa' Kim

 PS for Mark S. : Do you have any kind of plan to make up your own version
 of chronology for Gundams other than mainstream UC Gundams or AC ones?
 (I don't know about AW, but FC has its own backborn history for sure...:)
 Hope I didn't bother you with that stupid question of mine. :>

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