RE: [gundam] Gundam Acronyms?

Y. Choe (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 22:49:08 -0800

> No, I'm thinking of the MSF-007, the MSZ-006, and MSZ-010 which

MSZ line is strictly for the Zeta line of Gundams, which includes Zeta
Gundam, ZetaPlus, DZ, FAZZ, and Sentinel Gundams.

MSA is the line of suits by Anaheim, where MSA-### is the model number built
by Anaheim. An easy example: Type 100, or the 100th Model of Anaheim MS,
denoted by its serial number MSA-100.

follow the link and be amazed by the Gundam FAQ (once maintained by Gundam
Guru and a very latent NT Mark Simmons and Keith Rhee) and its detailed
explaination of the numbering of MS. Unfortunately, it seems as though the
FAQ has gone AWOL on the new iteration of the Gundam Project. Mark, say you
haven't forgotten?!?!

Y. Choe who wishes he were type 1000

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