Re: [gundam] F91 or G
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 00:32:51 EST

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<< If anything, I'll bet that Bandai wanted fansubs to be around up til now,
 since it gets the news about Gundam spread around. i mean honestly, how many
 people here would be interested in Gundam if they hadn't been exposed to a
 fansub? Now that they have us all addicted, they can sell it to us and we
 a guaranteed market.
 Jason >>

I've never seen a fan subbed Gundam episode before. I know of them, but it was
the few models I found at different comic book and hobby shops that got me
interested in anime, and Gundam specifically. If Bandai ever decided to flood
the US market with English dubbed Gundam movies, then Gundam would sell buy
the truck load. If Gundam was advertised in the US the way it is in Japan,
there would be no question of whether or not people would like it.


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