[gundam] Solomon Pilots and Gato...

Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 21:26:41 -0800

> << I half way agree, I really like being able to watch and enjoy without
> trying
> to juggle reading in there too. However Gato really stinks. He
> always is
> yelling. ALWAYS. he uses the same tone constantly, and he just
> sounds like
> he is spitting out words, and yet they really don't make sense to him.
> Especially in his speeches. They really needed to cast Gato
> with a more calm
> and cool voice. I mean yelling is o.k. but you really need some variety.

Funny, that's how Gato came across in the Japanese version to me. Just a
pilot who's monotone and fanatic about the Zion and its revival, going off
into speeches everytime a federation pilot stands in awe of him because he
is, after all, "Nightmare of Solomon."

Speaking of "Nightmare of Solomon," which seiyuu would play our favorite MSV
aces provided they get casted into an OAV featuring their lovely selves and
their famous MS? In fact, why hasn't an OAV Series capturing some of these
MSV were not done at all? One would think the creative writers at
Bandai/sunrise could do something about that, no?

Shin Matsunaga, the "White Wolf of Solomon?" for example
Johnny Raiden/Ridden

And so fourth?

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