Re: [gundam] AnimeVillage/Zeta or Subbed vs Dubbed
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 00:02:23 EST

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<< I half way agree, I really like being able to watch and enjoy without
 to juggle reading in there too. However Gato really stinks. He always is
 yelling. ALWAYS. he uses the same tone constantly, and he just sounds like
 he is spitting out words, and yet they really don't make sense to him.
 Especially in his speeches. They really needed to cast Gato with a more calm
 and cool voice. I mean yelling is o.k. but you really need some variety.
 However, I really like Kou. He actually sounds great for the part, and he
 actually act, without overacting.
 I may be overreacting, but if anyone out there has an opinion let me know.

I half way disagree. I think the casing is fine, and am waiting for the next
tape. I think that everyone else should wait for it also before getting to set
in their opinions. Its like the Turn A Gundam thread. No one has actually seen
Turn A, but a lot of the posts on the thread were quite negative. I say let
this one ride for a bit, and then comment to your hearts content about what
you did or did not like.


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