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>> Well, there is this rather good kit at 1/72, from Bandai IIRC. It's
>>roughly MG, but requires gluing. I screwed up the VF-1S version, but I have
>>a A body lying around somewhere..
>I hope you meant it's roughly MG in terms of size, not quality!!! All the
>1/72 Valkyrie kits from Bandai are pressed from IMAI's mold created in the
>early 80s, except for the Valkyrie II, which Bandai created when Macross II
>OVA came out. That one was at least a snap-on, but the quality was not
>even close to HG.

        No, it's definitely not Gundam MG in quality, since the 1S version
came as off-white/ white-battleship grey.. how _DO_ I describe that wierd
grey?? anyway, it comes in grey without any off the nice System Injection
that the old HGs come with. (The 1J came either as Red (Miriya) or (of
course) Blue main bodies, and the 1A with, all of things, brown! =). it
needed A LOT of work, gluing and painting both, to put together, and I'm not
altogether too happy with that kit. But of all the Macross kits I have
available to me, that's about the MG of the lot. =)

        As for the Valk II, it's a nice snap kit that failed in terms of
detail, and it still needed a screwdriver. =)

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