Re: [gundam] F91 or G
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 20:47:16 EST

>Did they cite the specific section where this was quoted from? I need to do
>some research before I can answer this question, but the Berne Convention was
>like a UN of copyright laws, and the US opted out, even though attempts have
>been made to make U.S. copyright law compatible with the Berne Convention
>(the "Berne Act" you referred to could be a nickname of a specific U.S.
>statute, but technically the U.S. does not adhere to Berne Convention
>standards, which includes moral right - the right of copyright holders not
>to have their work altered).

>If this information is true, then I'd expect foreign film companies to fight
>tooth and nail over a "U.S. cut" since any altering of the film for U.S.
>distribution would have serious consequences.

This is pretty much all the info I got from the site. I took a look at this
site before I even knew about fansubs because they have the director's cut of
The Professional. Since then I have always assumed fansubs were legal.

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