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>But at some point, the Federation switches their model numbers to "MS," just
>like the Jeon's. Why the change, and to what affect?

I think that you're thinking of the RMS line, not MS.

Here's how the model numbers have been parsed throughout Gundam History:


Zeon has MA (Mobile Armor), MAM (MA Marine), MAN (MA Newtype), MS (Mobile
Suit), MSM (MS Marine) & MSN (MS Newtype).

Federation has FF (Fighter), RX (Federation [Renpou] Experiment), RB
(Federation Ball) & RGM (Federation Gundam Mass-production).

Note: The "FF" is a bit strange and some think it's "Folding Fighter"
because of the Core Fighter folding into the Core Block, but it's applied
to non-transforming fighters as well. "Federation Fighter" works, but
doesn't explain why the MS are FB, FX and FGM instead of R....


Zeon gets YMS (Prototype [Yeoman] MS). Also, Axis nomenclature: AMA (Axis
MA) and AGX (Axis Gundam Experiment).

Federation gets FA (Full Armor), FHA (Full Heavy Armor), PF (Perfect), RGC
(Federation Guncannon) and RMV (Federation Mobile Vehicle).

Note that the Perfect version has the same superfluous F as the Fighter --
maybe it's just a Filler...?


Axis enters the fray with AMX (Axis MS Experiment).

Zeon MS are fully subsumed into Federation, which schisms into AUEG and
EUG/Titans, with MS distinguished by venue. FXA (Fighter Experiment Add-on
or Auxiliary), MRX (Murasame RX), MSA (MS Anaheim), MSF (MS Fujita), MSK
(MS Kalaba), MSN (MS Nagano, here), MSZ (MS Zeta), NRX (Newtype RX), ORX
(Augusta [Oh-gu-su-ta] RX), PMX (Paptimus MS) and RMS (Federation MS).


Axis wins, becomes Neo Zeon gets AMA (Axis MA) and NZ (Neo Zeon), although
most MS/MA are still experimental (AMX).


Axis/Neo Zeon goes away for awhile.

Federation gets MWS (Mobile Work Suit) and RGX (Federation Gundam Experiment).


Neo Zion returns, gets AMS (Axis MS) but no other new nomenclature.

Federation gets RGZ (Federation Gundam Zeta or Refined GZ -- opinions differ).


Formula series F70, F80 and F90 from SNRI. Anaheim counters with SF
(Silhouette Formula) and RXF (RX Formula) lines.

Crossbone Vanguard appears with XM (Crossbone MS) and XMA (Crossbone MA)
Oldsmobile Army has the OMS (Oldsmobile MS), OMSM (OMS Marine) and OMSX
(OMS Experiment) line.


Jupiter Empire checks in with EMA (Empire MA) and EMS (Empire MS).


League Militaire checks in with LM (League Militaire).

Zanscare Empire checks in with ZM (Zanscare MS) and ZMT (ZM Test).

In the alternate timelines, we get MF (Mobile Fighter ) in G Gundam; AMS
(Airborne MS), MD (Mobile Doll), MMS (Marine MS), OZ (OZ), SMS (Space MS)
and XXXG (Experiment Gundam) in Gundam W and DT (Daugh Tress/Tapp?), MA
(Mobile Armor), MAN (MA Newtype), NRX (New Federation Experiment), RMS
(Federation MS) and RMSN (RMS Newtype).

But the Federation, to my knowledge never uses the MS prefix except for
adopted orcaptured Zeon designs....


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