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> > I do have a larger concern tho, I posted this about three days ago and it
> > appears to have been modderated. I was whinging about all the current
> > posts with [gundam] in the topic. If people are having problems with
> > maintaining and keeping track of where mail comes from, try using the
> > filters in your email client, and filter anythng that comes from
> > into a mailbox separate from your other stuff. That's how
> > I manage to filter out anything related to modells on this ML.
> Also, why do people type [Gundam], when the list automatically adds [gundam]
> before the subject? This subject title goes like this: [gundam] [Gundam]
> Mailing List. Its bracket insanity! :) I do like that the ML adds [gundam],
> because I have deleted Gundam ML posts which I thought were Junk Mail, only to
> discover it was a good post that I wish I coulda read.
> Aaron

It doesn't always add it. And it didn't used to at all.

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