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 It's not such a big deal. I would like dubbed tapes too, if not for the
 amateur voice actors they hire to dub the anime tapes. I don't think it's
 such a big deal reading the sub. If it's a great fight sequence going on,
 the dialogue is usually like "die! you asshole!", if it's some deep or
 important dialogue or monologue then the visuals are usually not very
 busy. But the text does mess up part of the screen (can you turn off subs
 in LDs?). So in a perfect world they would get a good voice cast and do a
 decent job of dubbing anime tapes.
 Sadly voice-acting is an art more difficult than acting itself, and the US
 distributors can't ante-up for a decent job for a little niche market as
 anime. SO, it's back to sub for me, since the bad voice acting AND
 recording (often they sounded like they recorded the whole thing in a
 cheap wine glass) is far more distracting than the subtitle.
 CHIN, Chien Ting >>
Yeah, the problem (in 0083) is that Gato likes to have these elaborate Pro-
Zeon Tirades. It is a lot to read, and also it sounds really cheesy in the
dub. Which really leads to the question, what kinda moron goes into a HUGE
Speech in the middle of Combat??

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