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<< Sadly voice-acting is an art more difficult than acting itself, and the US
 distributors can't ante-up for a decent job for a little niche market as
 anime. SO, it's back to sub for me, since the bad voice acting AND
 recording (often they sounded like they recorded the whole thing in a
 cheap wine glass) is far more distracting than the subtitle.
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You obviously haven't watch any recent dubbed videos. Some of them are of a
better quality than the subs are. Case in point, Macross Plus looks and sounds
better dubbed than the subbed version. I know this because I own both sets. I
have found that we are getting much better at dubbing in English than Japan is
at subbing in English. I've also notice that recent dubbed videos have been
digitally remastered for more vibrant colors, and the audio dialog now matches
character mouth movements. All and all, dubs are getting better while subs are
staying the same. I'm a hedonist, so I enjoy anything that makes my life
easier. And dubs are making life easier. The Gundam 0083 dubbed looks and
sounds awesome, so I would love for the other Gundam series to also come in a
dubbed format, too.


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