Re: [gundam] Super Glue, and Medical Technology
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 16:03:29 EST

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<< Or just stick 'em in hot soapy water...
 Seriously I've not stuck my fingers together yet - sliced 'em to heck making
 vinyl kits, got Superglue on them as well but not stuck 'em to anything.
 Of course, you know why Superglue's so good at sticking skin, don't you?
 Because apparently that's what it was developed for - as an alternative to
 stitches - temporary of course...

I've glued my fingers together more times than I can remember, and have never
needed to resort to cutting or soaking the unstick them. Natural body
perspiration will unstick any adhesive that comes into contact with your skin.
My brother tends to cut up his fingers a lot when converting models or metal
miniatures, and he just super glues the wound shut and keeps going. Its no big
deal. And yes, super glue was developed during Vietnam as a sterile
replacement for sutures, but because the bond brakes down through sweating, it
was never truly successful. And yes, this has nothing to do with Gundam, other
than modeling and current medical technology.


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