Re: [gundam] Digest Format

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 13:47:51 -0700 (MST)

> I really feel sad for those people who aren't able to utilize
> filters for email. I've got about 6 set for the GML alone. Makes
> it so much easier to read.

  I heartily agree!
  Besides, it's pretty easy to tell _usually_ by the subject threads, etc.
If I'm not interested it takes half-a-second to hit 'd' and be done with

> horrendous mistake of joing the Gundam Wing Mailing list. That damned thing
> once peaked at 1200 MESSAGES IN ONE DAY!!!!

  I've heard HORROR stories about that ML! Even though I like GW, I get
the impression that some of its fans are truly rabid!

> And off topic? You want off topic? I'd say maybe 5% of that list's (when I
> it...can't say about it now...or if it even exists) had anything to do with
> gundam.

  We've had all sorts of non-gundam video game and other anime threads
running through this ML every now and then, but generally during 'dry
spells' so it's never been as annoying as it can be on some of the other
MLs. Nyeah, if a gundam thread drops into a gundam CG thread which drops
into a generic big-robot CG game thread which leads into a discussion of
Giant-Robots in genre-al, then you can't really be that annoyed by the
chain of thought, eh?

> So, to throw my vote in (tremendous silence as the entire audience
> I like the list as it is. I've learned more about Gundam, and gundam
> modelling,
> here than in any other format.

  I totally agree, throw in my vote for the way it is too! I only wish
people would take a _little_ more care in their subject headings, but hey,
nobody's perfect!

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