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> Is there a way we could get this in a digest fromat? All this individual
> posts are killing me. I delete more than I read.

Isn't that one of the reasons we have the GML web archive?
I really feel sad for those people who aren't able to utilize
filters for email. I've got about 6 set for the GML alone. Makes
it so much easier to read.

Although I can't understand why people complain. A year ago I made the
horrendous mistake of joing the Gundam Wing Mailing list. That damned thing
once peaked at 1200 MESSAGES IN ONE DAY!!!!

And off topic? You want off topic? I'd say maybe 5% of that list's (when I
was on
it...can't say about it now...or if it even exists) had anything to do with
I left when six people or so used the list to try and organize some kind of
personal (non-Wing Gundam, non-Gundam, non-anime) party.

So, to throw my vote in (tremendous silence as the entire audience
I like the list as it is. I've learned more about Gundam, and gundam
here than in any other format.

And think four years ago you could kill me before I would sit and

'Stupidity deserves whatever consequences it's actions garner'
                                            - Me

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