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> "The section of American copyright law known as "The Berne Act" clearly
> states: films unreleased in the United States, including original
> version of
> films altered and/or edited for release in the United States, are not
> protected by American copyright; thus, they are considered public domain."
> I got this information from in their FAQ. Is this just a
> blatant lie then?

Problem the regard to fansubs, it falls under an international
I wish I could remember which piece of legislation it is, but any signator
it basically agrees to keep in consideration the copyrights of the other

I mean, look at They got nailed and are in court with (I can't
remember the
acronym) an american group. If a company in Japan decided they really and
didn't approve of fansubs of their work and decide to press the issue, they
bring American fansub distributors up on charges. The reason it's never
done is because it's pointless. Even if some Japanese corp took down, say a
bootlegger (less grey area there), the revenue lost from the costs of
law prosecution wouldn't balance with the projected revenue protected from
the removal
of said bootlegger.

It's why there's always such a stink about Taiwan. They never signed the
and thus don't have to follow it.

I'll have my-brother-the-lawyer take a look at it....maybe he can come up
with it.

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