RE: [gundam] GM liner notes, Giren's Greed bits

Y. Choe (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 11:53:32 -0800

> Hey, I wonder if it is possible for a GM to carry a core-fighter instead
> of an engine core? After all, _all_ of the original White-Base prototypes
> seemed to sport core-fighters, I wonder if it is simply a part of the
> Fed's original MS design ethic? (Not that the CF is that useful, was just
> thinking).

IF the MG GM is an accurate representation of the actual GM, then why not?
Rather than escape in a escape pod and be vulnerable, use the Core Fighter
to escape, and run the heck away, or do more damamge in the CF before you
run away, as you are armed with the CF and not with the pod or the engine
block. It could be possible that some of the GM may have been indeed
equipped with a CF, and te FED realized just how costly the damn thing was.
And like the High mobility Zaku, it went the way of Dinos and such...

Y. Choe, Master GM Pilot

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