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> Exactly. It's been oft-claimed that Operation Star One involved 1200
> Balls; ince we see roughly equal numbers of GMs in the battle sequences,
> there must have been at least a thousand GMs involved in this space
> campaign alone (though surely far short of the 8000-plus posited by EB 39
> and the Hobby Japan book).

  Right, 8000 GMs does seem way too excessive, considering that would have
required on the order of several hundred to a thousand or more ships
_dripping_ with GMs to get them to battle. But I can't believe Balls
outnumbered GMs five-to-one in operation Star One! Those numbers must be

> > I mean, the GM-[G] looks _nothing_ like the RX-78 or the RGM-79... it's
> I guess the theory is that the [G] type was an evolutionary dead and,
> and that the final version reverted to the Gundam's basic model. Dubious
> indeed, but there you have it...

  Yeah, that's kinda lame I must admit. Frankly it always seemed like a
bit of a cop out to me. At first I thought "Maybe they just didn't want to
_draw_ the GM like the original-style GM" but then I remembered that they
DID show a regular MSG-style GM in the first episode of 8MST, and that too
was supposed to be some kind of exotic prototype, right?

> > And if this is the new official history, the production of the RX-79
> >makes even _less_ sense!
> Unless one supposes that the Federation's space and ground forces each
> wanted to pursue their own mobile suit development. The different
> organization schemes used by each force, and the different titles used
> for admirals (Tianem) and generals (Revil), might provide anecdotal
> evidence of such a schism...

  Oh, so you're suggesting something like the F-4 phantom? I.e., there
were two competing designs for the next-generation mass-production fighter
so they tried out limited numbers of both before they settled on using the
same kind of fighter for both branches of the services?
  It makes _some_ sense but the major problem with it is simply that,
well, you don't compete different designs against each other when your
planet is under seige and you're just barely scraping by!
  If I was doing 8MST, I'd have an episode where the Zeons go on a deep
mission into Fed territory to take out the GM factory, and manage to blow
up the production line where they're building the GM-[G] ground-only
variant before the 8MST, led by Lt. Burning in his heroic GM-C prototype
saves the day and prevents them from taking out the main factory! This way
the Feds are forced to produce only one kind of GM for the rest of the

> > So how do all the GM variants fit into the story? Particularly the
> >GM-Commandos and GM-Cs?
> (All together now...) Late-model variants!

  I was hoping the 'new party line' would be that these were basically the
same as the 'regular' GM, and just produced at different factories, or
with different armor-styles for some specific reason... or were part of
some "Block Fleet Upgrade" (which happens during mass-production in RL).
I.e., after a certain date, ALL GMs being produced were GM-Gs... after
another year, ALL GMs being produced were GM-Cs, etc.

> > Though the only think I can think of is adding in extra heat sinks for
> >space, otherwise environmentally I don't see why it's necessary.
> Hm. Or maybe different pumps for the various coolant types? Different
> avionics? Um...

  The only reason I can see for that is for a specialized GM-Mariner or
something like that... and even so the Gundam (with the same kind of
powerplant of course!) was able to operate in all of these environments
just fine, so one would suppose so could the GM!

> > Isn't it cool though, that the GM can be serviced so easily? Engine
> >trouble? Easy, just swap in a new core block! Got a trashed set of legs?
> Pretty slick! If the GM really maintains the Gundam's modularity, then
> the V Gundam's reintroduction of the modular concept isn't so surprising...

  Yeah, what's perhaps more surprising is that the whole modular concept
got thrown away to the wind thoughout Z-Gundam, came back a little with
the one-of-a-kind wierdness of ZZ-Gundam, and then utterly dissappeared
until it was resurrected with the 'back to the 1YW' V-Gundam. Of course,
we see this kind of modularity used in 0083 but it's more of a gimmick
  It could go a LONG way to answer the question of why the Feds stuck with
GMs for so many years after the 1YW, while their enemies were busy
cranking out endless one of a kind prototypes: The GM is just darned easy
to upgrade and repair! The Fed has always sported alot more MS than anyone
else, and when you've got a friggin' FLEET of MS you've got to repair and
maintain, a simple modular design can win you a war!

> > And doesn't it make TONS of sense from the theory we bounced around
> >earlier? I.e., that the charged M-Particles produce the ammo 'punch' while
> >the power from the MS itself produces the accelleration of the particles
> Exactly. And the GM has a lower power output than the Gundam,
> restricting its ability to accelerate the particles.

  Yeah! Yeah! It all makes sense! The same bullets, less range, less
speed... Hence the M-particles will tend to disperse 'faster' producing a
larger 'cloud' of particles hitting the target, the source of the
eponymous "Spray" in Beam Spray Gun! It's more like a little shotgun at

> >used for accellerating the particles... and since it fires slower bursts,
> >why bother having an extra long barrel and long-range targetting gear for
> Not to mention that the barrel contains acceleration and focusing
> hardware. Lop off the barrel and you have a beam emitter sans

  Hey, that makes perfect sense... accellerator coils hidden in the barrel
are no longer necessary at all.

> accelerator. Compare with the V Gundam's rifle, in which you can strip
> off the barrel, sensor unit, and E-pack, leaving just a crude beam pistol
> (with, presumably, a vestigial E-cap good for a couple of shots).

  Yepper... I'd wager that the V-Gundam's "Beam Handgrip" is basically a
glorified Beam Spray Gun! Very cool!

> >It's basically just a small tube-coil
> >powered by the GM's hand and a M-Particle EPAC bottle behind the trigger!
> >And that's _exactly_ what it looks like too! cool!
> Feel better now, Probe?
  Yeah! It makes sense! I like it!

> > At range, the Gundam's got a good advantage, but in close quarters the
> I guess Probe _is_ feeling better. ;-)

  The GMs kick butt! It's about time too! Dang, I was so hoping the 8MST
would have been equipped with GMs instead of Gundams. Oh well.

> >a second saber. Or more likely, they realized from the Gundam's example
> >that "Hey, he's never run out of saber-juice so why bother with a backup
> Fair enough. The notion that the connections are still live, so you can
> plug in a second saber unit if you have to, rather underscores the GM's
> essential similarity to the Gundam.

  Yeah, I like it.
  If the Feds are anticipating some heavy close-combat, they can give some
of their GMs an extra saber for close-in brawling! Otherwise, save the
extra saber and plug in a terminator block or bazooka rack! Cool!
  Hey, I wonder if it is possible for a GM to carry a core-fighter instead
of an engine core? After all, _all_ of the original White-Base prototypes
seemed to sport core-fighters, I wonder if it is simply a part of the
Fed's original MS design ethic? (Not that the CF is that useful, was just

> of geekery. See <>
> for a Japanese fan's essay on the MS-11 Acht Zaku, its magnetic coating
> and manufacturer, and the implications for the MS-15 Gann. Great stuff!

  Wow! Way cool!

> But I warn you, it's all in Japanese...

  Augh! Translation!


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