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> I just came home to 50+ messages in my mailbox from the Gundam mailing
> list. Over 30 of those messages were about sanding and painting models.
> Isn't there a better place to discuss this, like rec.models.scale, or even
> rec.arts.anime.models? And the whole Robotech licensing thing (which I now
> regret participating in) has been beaten to death. If someone needs a
> dozen different versions of that story, one could check out
> or And since when did this become a
> mailing list dealing with careers? There's a whole Usenet tree dedicated
> to that.

The last time I looked, this mailing list was to do with all things Gundam -
Gundam models and building them would seem to fit into this category. Although
I don't build models much anymore, I do find the posts interesting. I'd
probably start building them again if our local hobby shops would start
stocking something other than 1/144 G Gundam models :P

For the other side of things, it's nice to know something about the people who
actually post to this list - not just faceless e-mail addresses. It's
interesting to see the profile of Gundam fans, but I wonder what the profile
of *japanese* Gundam fans is like. Which audience was Gundam targetted at on
its release in Japan ? The Giant Robot genre is usually designed for a younger
(sub-teen early teen ?) audience. But at least Gundam isn't one of those shows
where the ending is identical each episode (ok, colony drops apart :P) - I
remember watching endless episodes of Denji-man back in the early eighties and
EVERY episode had exactly the same ending - monster blows up, monster turns
into giant monster, robot uses "Sun Crescent Slash" (or something like that)
to kill monster....hmm, the joys of youth :)


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