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>>>>>I use super glue - I'm not too picky about the brand. The regular plastic
>>>>>model glue takes too long to dry
>>>> Oh good, I get to add the sound of flesh peeling off to the
>>>>fun... ^_^
>>>Use a knife to seperate your fingers if you can't afford a bottle of thinner.
>> Okay, so I've now glued my palms together *and* sliced three of
>>my fingers off. Now what? ^_^
>Maybe you should consider HCMs and other pre-assembled toys instead. :)
        Well, Ollie did remind me about the HCM Hi-Zack. Only problem
is, it looks I am in a GM II.
        Maybe I should take up knitting. ^_^ ("I've been a medical
examiner for thirty years, but I still don't understand how someone
could impale themselves on their own knitting needle... " ^_^)
        Will leave this subject for now...

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